miley-main-230.jpgLiam Hemsworth returned to Los Angeles yesterday, and fiancee Miley Cyrus couldn't be happier about it!

Yesterday the 20-year-old starlet tweeted, "such a DOPE day =]]]" and while we haven't seen the two back together yet, she did tweet a photo of herself in a onezie wearing her diamond engagement ring on Tuesday! I guess those rumors of Liam cheating on Miley with January Jones are totally false, or she just doesn't care!

After stepping out for about a week without her ring, we were worried that Miley had called off her wedding, but it turns out she was just getting the rock repaired at jeweler Neil Lane. Whew!

And in case you think the "dope" comment is concerning something else, yesterday Miley added, "THE LAST SONG IS TRENDING =]." The film aired on TV that night, and seeing as Cyrus and Hemsworth fell in love on the set of the flick in 2010, we doubt she'd be posting about it if their relationship was over! And then there's the matter of Liam's car being parked in her driveway...

So aside from missing her beau, what else has Miles been up to? Dancing around in her unicorn onezie and posting videos of it online, apparently: