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These ladies mean business!

On Tuesday morning Kim Kardashian met with her divorce lawyer Laura Wasser in Beverly Hills, and the ladies both wowed in sexy black outfits. Kim's divorce case deposition takes place next week, and while we know she'll be dressed to kill, we have to wonder what will go down when the reality star comes face to face with ex-husband Kris Humphries.

Humphries’ legal team is attacking Kim for faking scenes on her reality show, claiming Kim and producers “scripted, reshot or edited” footage to make Kris look like a jerk after Kim decided she wanted to end their brief union. Kim wants a divorce but up until now Humphries has been seeking an annulment, as he claims the 72-day marriage was fraudulent.

The depo will take place at Wasser‘s office, and according to Radar, it's set to be recorded and it will take ALL DAY. Kim is reportedly worried that the deposition is "too stressful for her" since she's pregnant, but given how much she's been traveling and filming over the last few months, we doubt she'll be able to make a case about that...