kimpregpains030713.jpg How frightening!

Pregnant Kim Kardashian was on a flight back from Paris when she began to experience severe abdominal pains, and it scared her so badly she landed at LAX and immediately rushed to the doctor!

Not to worry, though, Baby Kimye is just fine!

Apparently the reality star was just experiencing flu symptoms and there was no need to fear a miscarriage. The physician recommended the brunette bombshell slow down her hectic schedule and get good rest.

The stress of moving into her new $12 million Bel Air mansion on top of her messy upcoming divorce trial isn't helping Kimmy K relax, either!

"She's been working a lot, and with the divorce and the move and everything else she has going on, she just needs to take a little rest," a source tells Us.

Time to press pause on the jetsetting lifestyle!