On Wednesday Rob Kardashian went for a hike in LA's Runyon Canyon, and the chubby reality star is on a mission to drop the weight he gained following his breakup from Rita Ora!

Last week we spotted Rob and The Game working up a sweat, and yesterday it was none other then Kim's BFF LaLa Vasquez who gave Rob a few words of encouragement. Of course, LaLa also took the opportunity to flash us a silly face, but even with the lack of makeup and her tongue sticking out, she still looks pretty good!

Rob and LaLa are both participating in 60 Days of Fitness, which is a workout plan The Game and his trainer Byrd put together. Rob really seems to be taking it seriously, as he tweeted on Tuesday, "6am. Time for workout #1." Wonder how fast he'll lose the weight and get his old body back?