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paddle boarding surf wetsuit twilight
paddle boarding surf wetsuit twilight

Rob Pattinson hit Malibu solo earlier this week, for some one-on-one time with his paddleboard.

The Twilight hunk took up the zen sport about a year ago but hasn't yet shared it with Kristen Stewart, that we're aware.

The couple's supposedly 'on-again' after being apart for months, while Rob was shooting The Rover in Australia. We snapped the couple out for a romantic dinner last weekend (check out the exclusive photos HERE). And a source tells us they enjoyed a round of golf earlier this week, so they've definitely been hanging out.

So why does Rob go it alone, braving the seaweeded waters of Malibu alone? 'Cause he's a guy, that's why ... and dudes just like being alone sometimes :)

paddle boarding surf wetsuit twilight