Taylor Swift is RICH, y'all! She may not be able to snag a boyfriend, but girl knows how to rake in the dough!

Swift, 23, made $57 million last year, according to Parade Magazine's What People Earn issue.

She's the third-highest paid woman in entertainment, behind Oprah and Britney Spears.

But what about the boys? Justin Bieber raked in $55 million in 2012 after his tour and fragrance were huge successes for the 19-year-old. And just to make you feel totally inadequate, guess what that breaks down to as an hourly rate ... $6,261/hour!

Brad Pitt made less than 2/3rds Taylor's salary, coming in at $35.5 million. He didn't have a big movie last year - Killing Them Softly wasn't exactly at box office hit -- but the actor/model's Chanel No. 5 ads brought him $7 million alone. Good thing, because the commercials didn't do wonders for his career!

Meanwhile, Oscar-winner Anne Hathaway pocketed a paltry $10 million for her starring role in Les Mis. Adele made an impressive $32 million, in part due to the success of her James Bond track "Skyfall."

Other top-earners include the Olsen twins at $40 million combined and NCIS actor/producer Mark Harmon who made $38 million!!! He pulls in $500,000 per episode for the crime drama ... who knew?!