lohan-rehab-230.jpgLindsay Lohan is living it up ahead of her 90-day rehab sentence, but when it's time to check in, she'll likely enroll in a treatment facility in New York rather than California.

A source close to Lindsay tells X17online exclusively:

    "She'll probably go back to New York to compete her court-mandated rehab. She doesn't want to be in L.A. any more. She considers New York her home now. And she thinks being on the east coast will draw attention away from her situation. She said that she's not going to go to a Malibu rehab or something and have all the paparazzi climbing in the hills trying to get pictures of her. She wants to be protected from that."

Yesterday Lindsay's attorney Mark Heller struck a plea deal with the court before her case went to trial, and Lindsay plead no contest to reckless driving and lying to police about crashing her Porsche on the PCH last June.

Lilo has until May 2 to provide the court with proof of enrollment at a rehabilitation center of her choosing, and at that point she will either commit to a date to begin serving her 90 days, or show the judge that she's already started her time at the facility.

Seeing as she has 30 days of community service to complete after her latest stint in rehab, we're guessing she'll want to get started sooner rather than later. After all, if she checks in to rehab on April 1, she'll be out before July 1, which is the day before her 27th birthday. With summer around the corner, we have a feeling Lilo will want to be free to enjoy herself!