We are totally obsessed with Amanda Bynes at the moment, and while she's cut back quite a bit on the Twitpics lately, she posted the above photo on Tuesday evening and wrote, "@ the hair salon getting ready for tonight!" Wonder what kinda trouble she got into?

Earlier in the day she wrote (and all in one tweet), "I love the beautiful Kardashian sisters! I wish E picked better photographs of me! I feel pregnant when I'm fat! I'm working out constantly!" Either she's pulling a Joaquin Phoenix on us or she's fallen quite far from her What I Like About You days...

The 27-year-old starlet is also taking to Twitter to address recent tabloid reports about her alleged bizarre behavior, and regarding a story that she had a meltdown at NYC’s John Barrett Salon, she wrote, "I love my hair this way! This is before a hair stylist @ John Barrett FRIED my hair with bleach then lied2 Intouch." Apparently a salon source told In Touch Weekly, “Amanda said she wanted to go blond. When the colorist finished, she didn’t think her hair was blond enough, so she started rubbing bleach through her hair with her hands ... Everyone was horrified.”

What will she do next?!