Brandi Glanville no make up kids spandex leann rimes Even without mascara she still looks marvelous!

Brandi Glanville left her house this morning with sons Mason and Jake, and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star donned workout clothes and went au naturel. Clearly it was quite the early morning for the trio, because her boys looked like they had just rolled out of bed!

LeAnn Rimes recently claimed that Brandi and Eddie's children call her "mom" occasionally, and we have no idea why the leggy blonde bombshell hasn't given her nemesis a proper beat down yet!

As if that wasn't insulting enough, the country singer and her TV actor husband have been shopping around a scripted comedy based on their lives together, and they reportedly have a crazy ex-wife character that is based on Miss Glanville!

Haven't these two put this poor single mom through enough already?!