Chris Brown Playhouse night club Hollywood Porsche

First Chris Brown and Rihanna were two young superstars in love, then he beat the crap out of her, after that they didn't talk for a while and since then they've gotten together and broken up more than Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have ... times six. Whew!

At some point Chris ended up dating RiRi and aspiring model Karrueche Tran at the same time, then he dumped Karrueche, proclaimed his love for RiRi and things seemed fine for a few weeks. But now he's stepping out with other girls while saying he's paranoid that Rihanna is the one who's going to cheat on HIM!

Last night Rihanna hit up Greystone Manor, and the previous night Chris partied at Playhouse and was photographed holding hands with a mystery blonde. The week before the New York Post reported that Chris "went on a string of dates" with another mystery blonde in the Big Apple, and this is just two weeks after he told Ryan Seacrest how "remorseful and sorry" he was for treating Rihanna so badly. Even though he made a remark that they were no longer together last week, just a few days later he told Matt Lauer that everything was "fine" with the two.

Then last week the singer told New York hip-hop radio station Power 105.1, "I'm just a regular guy so I be thinking, man I hope nobody's hitting that. But you can't be the jealous boyfriend, I can't be calling her constantly asking what she's doing, so I just gotta put that trust out there and hope nothing happens."

We hope Rihanna reads him the riot act, but at this point, are they even talking?