Justin Bieber has been banned from one of Vienna's biggest nightclubs after his bodyguards reportedly smashed cameras and cell phones belonging to club patrons and fans.

Passage club manager Joachim Bankel told the Austrian Times, "Justin Bieber is no longer welcome here," and this isn't the first hotspot he's had beef with over the last few months.

In February, the U.K. nightclub Sankeys tweeted, "Yes the rumors are true, we turned Justin Bieber away. He shuffles on stage and we can’t be having that in Sankeys now can we!" The next month Bieber tried to celebrate his birthday at London's Cirque Du Soir, but he was turned away because he had underage friends with him, including Jaden Smith, who is just 14.

While Justin is soldiering on with his world tour, he is currently being investigated for battery after allegedly spitting in his neighbors face, and when he flew from LA to Munich last week, he brought a pet monkey with him, which was later seized by customs. Yikes!

Maybe Selena Gomez will take him back, or at least talk some sense into him?