Kim Kardashian was set to face Kris Humphries in court at 8:30am this morning for a settlement conference in downtown Los Angeles, but there are two major problems: First, Kim's driver took her to the DMV court instead of family court, and second, looks like Kris Humphries isn't even going to make it to the hearing, as he was still in New York City at 1am this morning.

Kim's bodyguard (along with the rest of the media) is at 111 N. Hill Street waiting for her, but when X17 photographers approached Kim's driver and tried to tell him that he was in the wrong place, he told us he didn't believe them. As of 8:20am, Kim still wasn't at the right location, but luckily family court is just a few blocks down the street.

Kardashian and Humphries are reportedly trying to work out a settlement to avoid a trial, but seeing as Kris is demanding $7 million (and an annulment) from his ex-wife it doesn't look like either side is willing to budge. TMZ reports that Kim doesn't want to pay the NBA star a dime and that she is now demanding that he pay her attorney's fees.

8:45am - Kim finally made her way to the LA Superior Courthouse (rather than DMV court). An ambulance also just arrived at the courthouse. No info yet on who needs treatment. Stay tuned...