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Paris Hilton jetted to Colombia on Tuesday to open her new handbag and accessories store, and she's already on her way home, but before packing her bags yesterday she spent several hours with the kids at La Fundacion Cardioinfantil.

A source close to the heiress tells X17online, "They were all so happy and excited to see her. She brought a huge bag full of presents for the children, and some of the moms were crying from happiness saying how grateful they were for her to come and see them. This is a hospital for underprivileged kids, and the foundation takes care of their treatment and stay." Awww!

P tweeted, "Nothing feels better then making someone smile & bringing happiness to their life. #Love #Children ... Loved spending time with all the kids at the Children's Hospital @FCardioInfantil today. Loved seeing them smile. Such sweet angels."

We love it when celebs have a heart of gold!