lax thin sunglasses beard twilight plaid kristen stewart

Was this part of Rob Pattinson's travel plan, or was he heading home early to check on his adulterous lady love?

On Tuesday night Rob touched down at Los Angeles International Airport, and the bearded Twilight hottie carried his own baggage to the curb. Rob jetted out of town last Friday, and that very same day we snapped Kristen Stewart getting into a dark sedan at Malo with a man who looked a LOT like former fling Rupert Sanders.

We doubt she'd be dumb enough to start something up with her Snow White and the Huntsman director again, and 61% of you agreed with us in our poll. But that still leaves 39% of you who think Bella Swan IS getting down and dirty with someone other than Edward! Maybe he was just a pal and Rob is snuggling with her as we speak?