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So much for these two splitting up!

After being photographed with a man who looked a lot like Rupert Sanders last week outside of Malo in Los Feliz, Kristen Stewart and Rob Pattinson went on a snack run at a local liquor store on Sunday evening.

Last week Rob returned to Los Angeles after spending a few days out of town, and though we thought Kristen was leaving any day now to shoot Focus in Argentina, she's actually dropped out of the film!

According to Variety, Stewart left the project because "the age difference between [her and Smith] would be too large a gap" -- Smith is 44, while Stewart is just 23. However, Ben Affleck, who was set to be her onscreen love interest before he dropped out of the film, is 40 years old, so it kinda seems like a lame excuse. Maybe she just wants to spend more time with Rob?

Earlier in the day we spotted K. Stew at Two Boots in Los Feliz, and Rob was nowhere to be seen but she certainly looked like she was on cloud nine.