Selena Gomez  sunglasses boots jeans justin beiber For someone with a massive career moment just a few days away, she looks like she doesn't have a care in the world!

Selena Gomez visited a friend's house in Calabasas yesterday, and the Spring Breakers star looked adorable in lace-up boots and a military shirt. She seems to be developing such grown-up style as the months pass by!

Maybe the brunette beauty is trying to cultivate a more mature image to move away from her teen queen years?

We couldn't be more excited to see how the former Wizards of Waverly Place star does with her performance during the MTV Movie Awards this weekend! The hitmaker will debut her new song "Come & Get It", and we have a feeling there will definitely be a lyric or two that could relate to her failed romance with Justin Bieber!

We know The Biebs will be watching to make sure Miss Gomez doesn't pull a Taylor Swift!