Amanda Bynes posted a pair of Twitpics on Tuesday night in a lacy black bra and wrote, "About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!"

But our jaws aren't on the floor because of the pounds she claims to have put on -- we can't stop staring are her boobies! Even though she says she's heavier than she wants to be, we think she looks incredibly sexy. Who knew she had curves like this?!

After posting photos last week of her half shaved head, the 27-year-old actress certainly knows how to keep people talking about her, and if she continues to post pics like this, she'll be up to one million followers in no time! (She currently has around 750,000.)

When asked about her mental health, Amanda recently told In Touch Weekly, “I have no clue [why people say I’m insane]. Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care. The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don’t talk to.” Amanda added, “I only have hot friends. They have my back until I die.” Maybe she's talking about former Hairspray co-star Nikki Blonsky? Then again, maybe not...

When asked about her cheek piercings, Amanda says, “I wanted to look like [exotic dancer] BlacChyna,” and regarding rumors that she has a substance abuse problem, she states, “I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol. I don’t smoke pot. I smoke tobacco.

So what's she up to these days? “I’ll design clothes and sing because I want to, not because I need the money. I love singing and I can’t wait to start working on an album.”
Amanda continued, “I’m getting in shape for all the photo shoots ... I like being 100 pounds … 21 to go!" Maybe she chatted with the mag before she snapped these selfies last night?