Britney Spears blonde singer gym workout x factor

Britney Spears is not a fan of working out, y'all.

The songstress looked down in the dumps while heading to the gym today in Thousand Oaks. She chatted on her cell while closing her jacket with her free hand.

We later spotted her sipping on tea from Coffee Bean. Brit Brit had changed out of her gym clothes by then, swapping her bizarre robe/blazer for a stained white top over a hot pink bra. Don't worry; we're also screaming and shouting at the screen.

Although she no longer needs to be camera ready (she won't be returning to The X Factor next season), the singer probably still wants to stay fit for her upcoming tour.

When she's not working out, Britney is recording new music. Rapper will executive produce her upcoming -- still untitled -- album. The duo, who already teamed up for the songs "Big Fat Bass and "Scream & Shout," has been meeting and locking in studio hours for the past three months.

Spears recently participated in a Google hangout with the former Black Eyed Pea and praised the multi-talented musician.

"I think he gets our generation," she said. "His energy is just electric. He's a charmer."

Spears will also have a song on July's Smurfs 2 soundtrack.

Britney Spears blonde singer x factor stains sunglasses boots see through blouse blouse white blouse tanning