Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards are officially the happiest divorced couple in Tinseltown.

Sheen has allegedly offered to increase Richards' child support payments, but she's declined, exclusively reports. Richards currently has temporary custody of his twins with Brooke Mueller. She's had guardianship of the boys since Mueller entered rehab for the 20th time on May 3.

"Charlie supports the actions of the Department of Children and Family Services," the Anger Management star's rep said in a statement. "He knows Max and Bob are safe in a stable, loving environment with Denise and the boys' sisters."

Denise also cares for her two children with Sheen and her adopted daughter. She reportedly already receives $55,000 monthly.

"Charlie is extremely generous, and wanted to make sure having the twins in Denise's care didn't place a financial strain on her," a source told Radar. "Denise was thankful for the offer, but declined because she has the financial means to take care of them herself. She isn’t doing this for the money."

In fact, the source said that Denise is the one person in his life he fully trusts.

"There have been many times over the last year that Charlie has said the best thing he ever did was marrying and having children with Denise, but the worst thing was ever letting her go," the source said.

In addition to graciously refusing his handout, Richards also tweeted a thank you message to her ex for flying her out from N.Y.C. to L.A. to spend Mother's Day with her kids. She's currently shooting the film Twisted in New York.

"Greatest ex @charliesheen my mom's day gift flying me home on his plane so I can take the kids to school," she wrote.

It's certainly a bizarre relationship, but what else can you expect from tiger blooded Sheen? As he said, "you can't process me with a normal brain."