Miley Cyrus studio justin bieber muscles tank top hat sunglasses tattoo
Miley Cyrus studio justin bieber

We sense a hit in the making!

Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus were hard at work at the same recording studio in Hollywood last night, and their timing was way too coincidental to not jump to the conclusion that the two pop stars must be recording a duet together!

The Biebs mugged for the camera at a photo shoot at Milk Studios earlier in the night, then headed over to the studio around 8p.m., with Miss Miley arriving a short time later around 9p.m. They left within minutes of each other around midnight and tried to avoid being photographed. Hmm....

Our photographers tells us:

    "There aren't that many recording booths at this studio; they MUST be doing something together. Justin and Miley left within minutes of each other - it's too coincidental. There's gotta be a collaboration in the works."

We can't think of two people we'd rather bring together!