bieberpulledover_x17_exclusive2.jpg cops bieber ferrari

Justin Bieber was just pulled over moments ago and ticketed in Calabasas for what appears to have been a speeding violation.

An X17 photographer spotted the car leaving Bieber's gated community in the San Fernando Valley and less than a mile away from the neighborhood, the white 458 Italia Ferrari was stopped by the sheriff's department by a motorcycle cop with radar.

Reports claim JB's already being investigated for reckless driving in his community, after neighbor Keyshawn Johnson made claims the singer was joy-riding at super high speeds inside the gates, endangering other residents.

Stay tuned ... more info to come ...

UPDATE - Looks like Bieber's pal Lil Twist was driving and he was only given a warning, so it seems Justin's off the hook for this one! But maybe it's time to stop letting your friends drive your $185,000 ride!