Kanye West is outspoken, to say the least.

The controversial rapper has been using his concerts as platforms to rant about various issues for years now. And last night was no different as the singer complained about paparazzi during a show in New York City at Adult Swim's upfront.

He performed "Awesome" during the lengthy set -- his ode to soon-to-be baby mama Kim Kardashian.

"Stop everything you're doing now/ Because Baby, you're awesome / Don't let nobody get you down / Because you're awesome / You don't need to listen to your manager ... / You must be tired of running through my mind / Can I come inside? ... I'm also awesome ... / I'd rather do nothing with you, / than something with somebody new / Because Baby you're awesome," he rapped.

After a few more songs, he used the stage in lieu of a therapist's couch to vent about his hatred for his celebrity status and the paparazzi (The Huffington Post transcribed his tirade). His recent Los Angeles run-in with the paps resulted in a bruised head (and ego). He walked into a parking sign in an effort to avoid being photographed.

"I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm not a celebrity," West sang. "I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm a terrible, terrible celebrity. I don't know if you know there's one thing about me, but I'm the worst kind of celebrity ... Because I only make real music ... I'm only up in the studio to make real sh-t ... I don't want nobody coming up to me with cameras and sh-t ... Selling pictures to a f--king magazine ... Asking me dumb f--king questions ... Because I'm not a motherf--king celebrity ... I only make music that inspires you to be the best you can be -- And I don't want anyone to ask anything else of me."

And in case you were wondering, Yeezy won't apologize when performing on Saturday Night Live this week for lunging toward a photographer during HeadBumpGate.

"Someone asked me, 'When you do SNL, are you going to do a skit about the paparazzi and humanize yourself?'" West said. "What the f--k do I have to apologize for? When did I become inhuman? Or was it them demonizing me and harassing me that made me less than human?"

"Motherf--kers chasing people down and making you run into sh-t, and all they want you to do is laugh and sh-t," West said before yelling, "Hell no I ain't doing no SNL skits, this is my goddamn life, and it's not a f--king joke."

Kim must have been cringing in the audience when he later admitted to hating kissing babies. "I drop your baby and then you sue me," he predicated about future baby handoffs with fans.

Well, isn't that precious? Just what every expectant mother wants to hear.

Watch his set below: