Kim Kardashian and Kanye West held hands in New York City on Sunday evening, and we can't believe it, but apparently they dined with Vogue editor-in-chief Anna Wintour at her home! Um, didn't Wintour reportedly ban Kardashian from attending the Met Gala back a few years ago? What on earth did Kanye do to convince the queen bee of the fashion world to play nice with his lady love?

While don't understand why Kim K. continues to wear white shoes, we do love her Prada dress and fire engine red lipstick, and check out Kanye's fringed kicks! These two were def dressed to impress...

Kim will be attending the Met ball tonight, but after that we're not sure how much longer she's staying in New York City. After a whirlwind trip to Europe last week (she bounced from Greece to Paris to London), Kim flew to Los Angeles, then to Houston and now she's in the Big Apple. We seriously can't keep up with this Kardashian!

Despite reports claiming Kimye will get married as soon as she gives birth this summer, apparently the two are going to wait a bit to walk down the aisle. “They aren’t in a rush at all,” a source tells Hollywood Life. “The last thing Kim wants to do is turn around and plan a wedding and all that right after having a baby ... All they’re doing is taking it one day at a time. They’ll get to that stage at some point but right now they got a lot on their plate.”

Hmm, but where are they going to live? They still haven't moved in to that big beautiful Bel Air mansion they bought earlier this year, and it's not being remodeled, so what's the hold up?