Lindsay Lohan checked into Morningside Recovery in Newport Beach, California less than an hour ago and X17online has the first photo of her chauffeur-driven SUV outside the rehab center's intake office, while Lindsay was inside filling out paperwork.

Lohan's attorney Mark Heller appeared at the Airport courthouse just after 8:30am this morning to provide her proof of enrollment at a rehab facility, but since she decided to switch locations at the last minute, she may not get to stay there for the whole 90 days.

Lohan was supposed to check into the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York today, but after learning that she couldn't smoke at the facility, she hopped on a private plane and headed to California. A furious Santa Monica City Attorney Terry White said he found out about the switch yesterday and called Lohan and her legal team's actions "inappropriate," but Heller fired back and suggested that someone from the court had leaked confidential details of Lohan's deal to the media, which was another reason she wanted to switch facilities.

So what did Judge Jim Dabney have to say about all this? Much to everyone's surprise, he didn't make any mention of Lohan violating her plea deal or being thrown in jail! Instead, Dabney said that the documentation Heller provided seemed to agree with the parameters of her deal and he gave White until next Friday to determine whether this is an acceptable location.

"I don't have any problems with Lohan remaining in the program until we have this issue resolved," Dabney stated. "For now she will remain in the program and then we [will] decide if the program measures up to the requirements [and if it doesn't] then she'll have to move to a different program."

While Dabney seems fine with Lohan's proof of enrollment and the evidence Heller provided, White remarked that had already found three articles "condemning" the facility, so at this point the only thing keeping Lindsay from serving her whole 90-day sentence there is Mr. White. If White determines that the facility does not meet the requirements he initially agreed on, the parties will set a hearing date later this month and Lohan will be moved to another location. Lohan's proof of completion date set for July 31, and as long as she is in compliance, she does not have to be present at that hearing.

But for now ... she's "ensconced" in the center (Heller's words), unpacking her "270 looks" for her three-month stay.