Naomi Campbell yacht boat model vacation eating smoking jeans hat sunglasses ice cream

This doesn't look like someone who just went through a break up!

Naomi Campbell is currently vacationing in Italy with billionaire pals Marco Tronchetti Provera and wife Afef Jnifen, and the supermodel is showing no signs of sadness over her rumored split with her Russian billionaire beau Vladimir Doronin!

The British beauty first kicked back and relaxed in Portofino, where she was spotted indulging in some gelato before enjoying a cigarette, and then made her way to the town of Liguria to take to the high seas on a yacht. Oh, the lives of the rich and famous!

According to reports, the hot tempered catwalker and her businessman boyfriend recently called it quits on their five-year relationship because he got caught up in the "celebrity lifestyle" and all the perks that go along with it, including other women.

"It's incredible, they were talking about babies and marriage before Christmas and they were so in love, so it's quite shocking that things have gone downhill so fast. For high-profile celebrities like Naomi, red carpets and A-list parties are their job, it's their business - it's not what they do for fun. But Vlad's now out on the town, he's hanging around with Leonardo DiCaprio and his whole crowd at all the Manhattan hot spots. It's all a big baffling," a source told Daily Mail.

When your long term love starts hanging out with Leo, that's never a good sign!