Chris Brown driving accident car rihanna car shots
Chris Brown driving accident car rihanna car shots He just can't seem to stay out of trouble!

Chris Brown has been charged with criminal hit-and-run, TMZ reports, and X17online has the exclusive photos and videos from that day.

The L.A. City Attorney has filed two charges against the R&B star, stemming from a car accident last month where the "Turn Up the Music" singer slammed into another vehicle and refused to hand over his driver's license number, then gave fake insurance information and fled the scene.

In addition to leaving the scene, Breezy is also on the hook for driving without a valid license. Each offense carries a maximum six months in jail.

The bad news?

CB is still on probation from his brutal Grammy night assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna, and if he is convicted of the new charges, that has the potential to trigger a probation violation that could land him in prison for up to four years!

Let's hope his lawyer is ready for a battle!