The judge in the Jackson family's guardianship case has ordered an investigation into the welfare of Paris Jackson after she attempted to kill herself last week, and according to TMZ, Debbie Rowe could become Paris' legal guardian.

Katherine and TJ Jackson are currently Paris' guardians, but if the judge determines that the "current arrangement is not serving Paris well" and if Paris requests that Debbie replace Katherine and TJ, there's a very good chance that things could be switched around. TJ has a wife and children so the case could be made that he's not around that much, and Paris has become "increasingly frustrated" that her grandmother is not "connected" to her life. The website also reports that Paris requesting a change in guardianship is a "likely" scenario and that Debbie would "gladly accept."

Debbie never waived her right to a guardianship, and she has been spending more and more time with her 15-year-old daughter over the last year. In fact, Paris was feuding with her brother Prince about spending time with their biological mom, which was reportedly one of the things that drove her to cut her wrist with a meat cleaver and OD on Motrin.