What's in a name? A lot if you ask Kanye West.

The controversial rapper told a huge crowd at an impromptu listening party for his upcoming album Yeezus the reason for the CD's controversial title. "West was my slave name," he told the audience. "Yeezus is my God name." It's certainly safe to say that Kim Kardashian's beau has a God complex.

Kanye also revealed that he will not release singles for this album in order to prevent his music from being displayed on YouTube next to "related artists" who aren't actually comparable to him. Who is on par? Daft Punk, Chief Keef, Justin Vernon, TNGHT, and Rick Rubin, among others, who collaborated on the album.

And if you're wondering if he cares about the backlash he's received for his blasphemous tracks (such as "I am a God"), he doesn't. "I had to learn about giving," he told attendees, which included Beyonce, Jay Z, Busta Rhymes, and Timbaland, at New York's Milk Studios. "This whole album is about giving, this whole process is about giving … no f**ks at all."

However, the humble artist did acknowledge that there are actually people in the world who are more talented than him. "If I'm standing next to someone, that means they're smarter than me," he said. "If I'm standing next to someone, that means they're better at something than I am."