Madonna and her family left the Kabbalah Center in New York on Saturday, and the queen of pop had a huge grin on her face when we snapped her photo. Madonna wore a Vogue hat and sweatpants, and as far as political statements, she let her "Defend Paris" hoodie do the talking.

This isn't the first time Madge has worn the controversial sweatshirt, which has an AK47 emblazoned on the front. While the singer has spoken out saying that she does not condone violence (this was after she was slammed for using toy guns for various acts on her MDNA tour), the fashion label's Facebook page seems to imply that they do.

On the Facebook group Defend Paris (which features the exact some logo and images of similar clothing), there are messages which seem to promote the use of firearms and videos of public uprising. One post reads, "Illegal business controls Paris," and another says, "Peace = War." Um, maybe Madonna didn't realize this when she bought the top?

In other news, we can't believe how fast little miss Mercy has grown up!

Madonna Kabbalah New York family