On the heels of the fourth anniversary of Michael Jackson's death and amid speculation about his children's paternity, his son Prince testified on Wednesday during his wrongful death trial. The Jackson family's suit claims the King of Pop's concert promoter AEG negligently hired Conrad Murray, the doctor who was later arrested for involuntary manslaughter for giving Michael an overdose of the anesthetic propofol.


The teenager took the witness stand as never-before-seen private family photos and home movies were shown to jury members for 15 minutes. Michael can be seen playing with his three children Prince, Paris, and Blanket. Some of the videos were filmed by Michael himself, as he asked his kids what they wanted to be when they grew up.


The pictures capture family memories from Christmas, Halloween, and a birthday party, as well as baby photos, including one of Michael teaching his then blonde baby Prince how to play the piano. In one of the Christmas videos, Michael sings a carol to the kids. Both Prince and Paris call themselves "daddy's baby" when asked for their names.

JacksonKids8-2.jpgLA Superior Court

The images depict a much happier time in Paris' life. The 15-year-old attempted suicide in early June. The photos of the loving siblings are a far cry from recent reports about Paris and Prince's strained relationship.

During his testimony, Prince testified that:

  • His father had several tense phone conversations with his show promoters that often ended with Michale in tears. After one of the conversations, Michael told Prince "They're going to kill me," but didn't elaborate further.

  • He saw AEG Live CEO Randy Phillips arguing with Murray at the family's rented mansion days before his father died. He also witnessed Phillips grabbing Murray's elbow and "looked aggressive."

  • He saw Murray performing CPR on his father. At the time, Michael was hanging halfway off his bed with his eyes rolled back in his head.

  • The staff wasn't allowed upstairs at the mansion. Michael kept his bedroom locked while receiving treatments from Murray.

  • His father gave him and Paris $100 bills to give to Murray because Murray wouldn't take the money from Michael himself. He often wouldn't even accept it from the children. Prince said it was implied that the money partly covered Murray's fees until he was paid in full by AEG Live.