gym Reese Witherspoon blonde work out hoody sunglasses brentwood

Now we know why Reese Witherspoon looked so spectacular strolling in Beverly Hills yesterday. It's all thanks to spinning!

The actress looked trim and fit while leaving a spin class earlier today in Brentwood. Wearing a hoodie, spandex, shades, and bright running shoes, the Oscar winner was less glammed up than during her last sighting, but gorgeous nonetheless. Reese seemed completely happy on American ground. Her and daughter Ava returned from their 10-day Paris getaway on Monday afternoon. The mother of three gifted the trip to her daughter after her middle school graduation.

It's safe to say that the Oscar winner is back to leading a healthy life after her May arrest for disorderly conduct. Reese was fined for obstruction of justice, while her hubby agent Jim Toth was put on probation, fined, and required to attend alcohol education classes following his DUI arrest.