In today's bizarre Amanda Bynes news, Wyclef Jean will reportedly produce the retired actress-turned-aspiring-singer's first single.

The troubled starlet and the three-time Grammy winner will meet at a studio tonight to collaborate on her single, RadarOnline reports. "Wyclef is the perfect producer for Amanda's first single, because he isn't only about making records," a source told Radar. "He's a humanitarian and politician, so this will not be a typical album."

Amanda was reportedly offered a record deal by the hip hop label Chinga Chang Records last week.

The source told Radar that the single will be comparable to Wyclef's production of Lil Wayne's "Sweetest Girl." "This is something very special," the source said. "Wyclef is familiar with Amanda's talent and sound, so it only makes sense to have her sit down with someone of his caliber."

Amanda has tweeted repeatedly about her desire to record her own album. "Look forward to seeing me in music videos! I'm getting in shape and getting a nose job! I'm looking forward to a long and wonderful career as a singer/rapper!" she wrote last month.

It looks like what a girl wants, she gets.