Ben Affleck and Justin Timberlake look like SUPERMODELS in these new promotional posters for their upcoming film Runner, Runner.

Both in black suits -- Ben in front of a private jet and Justin in front of a yacht -- these boys look just like the men we'd like to date!

The film chronicles the high-stakes world of off-shore gambling in which Timberlake plays a broke college student with a talent for online poker and Affleck, a rich international gambling operator who adopts Timberlake as his protege.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a producer on the flick, bringing even more cache to the high-profile film. Meanwhile, Justin's just released his latest musical effort after a long hiatus, Suit & Tie and is staring in the Coen' brothers' upcoming Llewyn Davis due out in December. Affleck's working on his next directorial effort, Live by Night, based on the novel from Dennis Lehane, the author of Gone Baby Gone.

Runner, Runner hits theaters September 26.