Wanna know why we haven't seen Kim Kardashian at all lately?

Sources tell X17online exclusively that the reality star is following the Armenian tradition of staying at home for 40 days after the birth of her daughter North West.

For the first 40 days after birth, only relatives are allowed to see the infant, at which point the family usually takes the child to church. Kim's sister Kourtney did this with both son Mason and daughter Penelope, and while it is a religious tradition, it's also seen to have health benefits as the baby isn't exposed to bacteria outside of the house.

Kim gave birth on June 15, so she has about 20 days to go. We're sure she's spending a lot of time bonding with little Nori, but we're thinking she might also be doing some preliminary work to get back in shape too. For her first appearance in over a month, you know she wants to look good!