Kristen Stewart filming glasses puppy short shorts robert pattinson twilight dog restaurant lunch

On Monday afternoon a casually dressed Kristen Stewart took a break from filming Camp X-Ray and grabbed a bite to eat in Long Beach, and look who she brought as her date!

We're not sure if the pooch belongs to a friend or if K. Stew recently adopted him/her, but the pup absolutely adorable! We're just wondering if there's any chance he/she belongs to K. Stew's mom Jules Mann-Stewart, who has several wolf-dog hybrids. I mean, now that Rob Pattinson is out of the picture, why not look for a new companion?

K. Stew's mom made the news earlier this spring when she filed a restraining order against a neighbor for harassment. Apparently the neighbor had lodged a series of complaints that Mann-Stewart illegally kept wolves on her property, but it turns out the pooches were wolf mixes and there was no cause for alarm.

"The honest truth about the animals is, years ago I rescued a few wolf-hybrids, and they live on a large open piece of property filled with trees," Mann-Stewart told Us Weekly at the time. "They're loyal, they're big, they're completely socialized, they're licensed, they're legal for me to have them, and I love them!"