Despite reports earlier today that she would be voluntarily extending her stay in rehab by a 3-4 days, troubled star Lindsay Lohan has checked out of Cliffside rehab in Malibu and will hang out in LA until her guest-hosting gig on Chelsea Lately Monday, August 5, a spokesperson confirmed to X17online.

Hmm … so Lindsay is going on TV in what appears to be a matter of hours after getting out of 90 days in rehab and doing a show where regular host Chelsea Handler is a self-proclaimed lush? What?! Maybe Chelsea will leave a signed copy of Are you there, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea as a welcome gift?!

Monday, TMZ reported that a source close to the starlet said the law-breaking actress was extending her stay in rehab - WRONG! Since when would Lindsay voluntarily do MORE days of rehabilitation than what a judge ordered?!

As guest host, The Canyons star will be stepping into Chelsea's shoes -- interacting with Chuy, running the roundtable and interviewing celebrity guests. Guess it's good that Lindsay won't be interacting with the vodka-imbibing party lady Chelsea, who is off for the week.

Hey Lilo -- here's a novel idea: Stay out of the public eye (for a while -- like a good, long while) and just try to stay sober. Let people forget about your drama and then come back in top form.

Viewers can check out (aka judge) the state of both Lindsay's ever-aging face and mental health on Monday, Aug. 5 at 11 pm E! We'll be watching!