Paula Patton tight dress nipple slip clevage 2 guns

Holy cleavage Batman!

Paula Patton was among the famous faces who hit the New York City premiere of Two Guns on Monday night, but she was definitely the one everyone was talking about! Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg may be the main dudes in the movie, but they certainly don't garner this much attention on the red carpet ... hats off to Robin Thicke's lady love!

And speaking of Robin, yesterday he chatted with Howard Stern and revealed that his wife is a "naughty girl." Robin told Howard, “Gradually, over our marriage, I’ve turned her into a bad girl.” When Howard asked what he meant by “bad girl,” Robin said, “Just meaning she’s naughty sexually … I won’t get into too many details.” But Howard wouldn't drop the subject, and he asked Robin, “Do you spank her? Have you ever tied her up?” Robin's reply? “We’ve done just about everything, yeah," he said. "She likes it all.”

Um, we have to wonder how she feels about that!