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Ryan Seacrest was snapped arriving at Club 55 in Saint Tropez on Wednesday, and he was joined by pal Laurence Hallier and his gorgeous with Janelle. Hallier is a mega-wealthy French businessman who owns the yacht the group were partying on, and they were also joined by Ryan's pal Steve and his uber hot girlfriend Audra Marie.

But what about a love interest for Ryan? Though he's reportedly dating Chris Pine's ex-girlfriend Dominique Piek, she wasn't anywhere in sight! "First vacation I'm taking in a long time," she tweeted on Friday. "Off to another paradise… Goodbye cape town! Had the most love filled week ever." Hmm, why didn't Ryan invite her along?

If Ryan didn't invite Dominique to St. Tropez, things can't be that serious! But will he ever get back together with ex-girlfriend Julianne Hough? Rumor has it that she's really missing him and would totally take him back...