Selena Gomez tights spandex studio jack in the box hollywood justin bieber It's rare to see young Hollywood starlets loading up on junk food!

Selena Gomez stopped by a Jack-In-The-Box in Hollywood today, but the "Come & Get It" singer was dressed in workout clothes, so it looks like she might have worked up a serious craving!

After grabbing her grub, the Spring Breakers star headed to the studio.

Her status with on/off boyfriend Justin Bieber is still up in the air, but she showed her love for another Hollywood hunk on Twitter today.

Following the sudden death of Glee star and pal Cory Monteith, the brunette beauty decided to share a sweet snapshot of the duo in a warm embrace with the caption, "This hurts. I love you Cory. Rest in peace. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family."

Later in the day we spotted the singer with several gal pals, and while she was in better spirits, she had just gotten done eating another meal at Shish Mediterranean!

Selena Gomez tights spandex studio hollywood justin bieber laughing

Sometimes you just need to eat your feelings, apparently!