Bradley Cooper motorcycle jacket helmet sweat gym soulcycle brentwood

Unfortunately life isn’t Grease 2 and not everyone can be a cool, cool rider. A disheveled-looking Bradley Cooper found that out the hard way when he was snapped looking less than camera ready while leaving SoulCycle gym in Brentwood, Calif on Thursday.

Suki Woodhouse’s new man looked like he was working hard on the stationary bike only to hop on his own motorcycle and jet away. We wonder if the Hangover 3 star is gearing up his bod’ for his upcoming role in Cameron Crowe’s latest flick, slated to shoot this fall and also starring Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams? Whatever he is working out for -- we can’t wait to see the onscreen results.

Let’s hope the sexy but soaked star is going home and hopping into the shower. Can we join?