baby Alec Baldwin Hilaria Thomas  new york city skirt sunglasses fight You never know what kind of mood he's going to be in!

Alec Baldwin ventured out on the streets of N.Y.C. with wife Hilaria Thomas and infant daughter Carmen today, and the 30 Rock star was in noticeably better spirits than he was yesterday, when he attacked a photographer for snapping pictures of his spouse and newborn baby.

The actor is notoriously hot tempered, but he better learn to keep his cool or go to anger management!

Carmen's older sister and Alec's eldest daughter Ireland is overjoyed at the newest addition to their family, and even penned an open advice letter to the little one after her birth, giving suggestions like "walk away" from arguments with parents.

"WALK AWAY. This applies to arguments. Especially with your parents. I have said many things to our Dad and to my mom that I regret terribly. I have hurt their feelings countless times. It isn’t worth it. Don’t dish shitty things right back at them. Don’t say things out of anger. You will get extremely annoyed with your parents. TRUST ME. Parents are cray cray and sometimes you want to just put a muzzle on it. BUT they don’t make muzzles for parents and again, it just isn’t worth it. Just say you’re sorry and leave it at that," she wrote in the letter on her Tumblr page.

With a dad like Alec, we think Ireland's advice is spot on!