amanda-bynes-transfered.jpgAmanda Bynes has been transferred from the Hillmont Psychiatric Center to the UCLA Medical Center, per the request of her mother Lynn.

The 27-year-old actress was covered with a blanket when she was snapped hopping in an SUV on Thursday, and the only reason she wasn't moved sooner was because of availability.

Bynes was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold on Monday, July 22, and on July 25, her 5150 hold was extended for two more weeks. Last Friday Bynes' hold was extended for an additional 30 days and a judge at the Oxnard Courthouse granted her parents a temporary conservatorship. The temporary conservatorship will last until September 30, at which point there will be another hearing to decide whether to make the conservatorship permanent.

“She's not improving yet. She's still delusional. These meds take longer than a week to work, and she's only been given them for about a week," the source told the NY Daily News last week. "She's not physically combative, but the doctors weren't forcing her to take her meds in the beginning. Then the doctors said she had to take them or they would force her, so she started."