Beyonce and Jay Z shot their new music video for "Part II (On the Run)" last week on Miami's Golden Beach, and though reporters and photographers had no idea that the superstar couple were there, a handful of fans were able to track them down! And get this -- the lucky kids even got a few snapshots with Bey and Jay!

The duo rented a beachfront mansion for the shoot, and police blocked off part of the town on Thursday evening. Residents were told if they kept their lips sealed about the shoot and didn't try to to sneak in to take pics, Beyonce and Jay Z would come out and pose for photos with them afterwards.

One excited fan posted the Instagram shot above and wrote, "OMG! I just met Beyonce and Jay Z shooting a video in my backyard that doesn’t come out for four months." A source told the Miami Herald, "Both could not have been kinder and more playful with the young kids and teenagers."