Chris Brown just can't seem to put the spray can down! After neighbors forced him to paint over a wall covered with caricature monsters outside of his Hollywood Hills home, the controversial star decided to take his art to the streets and spray paint the toothy creatures onto girlfriend Karrueche Tran's Porsche. And now it looks like the 24-year-old has added more monsters to Tran's car! Which is just what the world needed more of. Maybe Brown should just paint a self portrait on there while he is at it?

We first spotted the freshly painted ride on August 22nd -- and it seems as though Brown has been on a painting frenzy since then, choosing to amp up the volume of the images on the pricey vehicle. The Porsche had two fanged (one blue and one pink) images on it last week, but now the sports car's monsters have appeared to have multiplied. Doesn't everyone know you aren't supposed to feed a Mogwai after midnight?! This is a rookie mistake, people!

It's days like today where we ask ourselves: do we dislike Chris Brown because he is the type of person who spray paints a $90,000 car? Or do we dislike a $90,000 car emblazoned with multicolored monstrosities, just because we know its Chris Brown's? We may never know -- but we're pretty sure we'd think this car was an eyesore no matter whom the owner was.

Last week, Karrueche also tweeted a snapshot of herself sitting on the freshly painted whip and wrote, "this what the f*ck I come home to lmao this n**** man..."

A classy car for a classy lady.