She really is a fighter! Despite the fact that her 2012 album Lotus was considered a flop, Christina Aguilera is refusing to give up on it. The Grammy winner is releasing a new single, "Let There Be Love," off the album as well an accompanying video that features her adorable son and famous friends Nicole Richie and Christina Milian. And lucky for us all, Xtina also shows off her newly fit form in a few revealing bathing suits.

At the start of the video, the "Fighter" singer opens up with a personal message to her fans, saying, "Hey everybody Christina here, just thanking you guys so much for filling my life and my heart with so much love continued throughout the years. Standing by me, I appreciate all your support, this one is just for you."

In the music video, fan clips are spliced with home videos of the 32-year-old songstress and her pals, including Nicole Richie, who is seen joking around with another friend as they make the "L" sign for love with their hands. Throughout the music morsel, people fans and friends are pictured making the L, as well as holding pro-tolerance signs like "Racism sucks," "Respect," "Accept" and "War is not the answer."

Viewers can even glimpse the sexy lady's too-cute son, five-year-old Max Liron Bratman rocking out to his mom's music (he's the wee one wearing burgundy pants, a Batman shirt, converse and a fedora). Oh my gosh -- we think it's beyond adorable!

While we love the positive message of the fun-filled video -- we wonder if anyone mentioned to the crooner that the "L" sign stands for Loser? Either way, we are digging this song and hope Xtina turns this tune into a chart winner!