Dick Van Dyke car burning car Dick Van Dyke car burning car

Dick Van Dyke's Jaguar burst into flames on the 101 freeway in Los Angeles on Monday afternoon, but thankfully the 87-year-old star was rescued by fellow motorist Jason Pennington.

Pennington says he was driving on the 101 when he saw an elderly man hunched over inside a smoking vehicle, and he tells TMZ he pulled up alongside the automobile and recognized Van Dyke struggling inside. Pennington opened the driver's side door and pulled the actor out of the vehicle just before it was totally engulfed in flames.

Van Dyke was reportedly "slightly disoriented" but he did not need medical attention, and after hanging out at the scene of the accident, his wife came to pick him up.

Whew ... glad he's ok! Van Dyke's wife Arlene tweeted the Vine video below and wrote, "Van Dyke's melted car @iammrvandy He's fine thank God!!"

And our photographer happened to be passing as firefighters put out the flames ... at the time, we didn't realize whose car had ignited -- VanDyke had already left the scene. Fortunately he and all the passers-by escaped injury!