They're really modernizing traditions!

He's only a few weeks old, but Prince George Alexander Louis of Cambridge is already ready for his close up! The first official photo of the royal heir has just been released, and rather than sitting for a world famous photographer, the newborn was shot by Kate Middleton's dad Michael!

The snapshot shows Prince William and wife Kate cradling the infant in the Middleton family's Berkshire home garden as their dog Lupo happily poses alongside them. The new parents look a little tired but blissfully happy with their new baby boy.

"It's an unusual decision but perhaps reflects the young approach that Prince William wants to bring to bear. The decision to take them in such an informal manner means they, perhaps, lack the level of gravitas that would normally be expected. But on the whole I would say this is quite refreshing," celebrity photographer Brian Aris told Daily Mail about the images.

So what inspired the royal pair?

"It seemed perfectly natural to them to pose for a few nice family snapshots which they could then issue. It [the Middleton family home] is just where they feel happy and most comfortable," a source close to the palace added.

We wouldn't be the least surprised if Prince George starts posting his own Instagrams soon!