we're the millers red carpet Jason Sudeikis suit we're the millers red carpet Jason Sudeikis Olivia Wilde

While Jennifer Aniston stole the show with what appeared to be a baby bump, Jason Sudeikis and fiancee Olivia Wilde left us scratching our heads when they opted to pose separately for photos at the New York premiere of We're The Millers. Either way, they still looked good!

When asked about his lady love in the recent issue of Maxim, Sudeikis said, "You know, being beautiful is actually only like fifth or sixth of the things that are amazing about her. She's really hilarious. And she loves basketball! I think people look at us and wonder what kind of information I have on her to get so lucky. Like, I must have video of her taking a bomb into the White House." Awww!

Emma Roberts, who was recently arrested for biting boyfriend Evan Peters during an altercation, also cleaned up well on the red carpet:

we're the millers red carpet Emma Roberts black dress wave arrest