Baby baby baby... oh!

Justin Bieber might be playing the field since splitting with Selena Gomez earlier this year, but the singer recently revealed he can't wait to be a one-woman man and start a family of his own!

    "I can't wait to have a beautiful wife and little kids running around," he confessed to the new issue of In Touch.

So when does the Canadian pop star plan on settling down?

    "Those things are in God's hands, not mine," he added.

The Biebs is quite the ladies man, but he insists he's not in the business of breaking hearts.

    "I'm not going to lie. It's fun to be young, fall in love and be in love. My mom taught me how to treat a woman right, so I enjoy taking a girl out and doing nice things for her. Everyone deserves to feel like they are the most special person in the world," he gushed.

If Miss Gomez wants her own baby Biebers she better come and get it!