It's one thing after another with him these days!

Justin Bieber was involved in a heated altercation at a Hamptons nightclub over the weekend, and even though the pop star wasn't directly cited in the incident, his entourage didn't get so lucky!

The "Boyfriend" singer lost his cool after a female fan attempted to hit on him in the VIP section of the venue and her male companion stepped in to back her up.

"He ripped his shirt off and went nuts. He was screaming," a source told New York Daily News.

The Biebs' bodyguard whisked him away into a waiting vehicle so he wouldn't be implicated in the scuffle, but apparently the unidentified male got knocked out in the parking lot and filed a police report, allegedly citing members of JB's entourage in the documents.

We have to hand it to his team for keeping him out of trouble this time!